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Giving children life in its fullness (John 10:10)


Highlights of some of the achievements at the home for the period under review, this includes the following.

Construction of house number two has reached the ring beam. This means that there is going to be more classrooms to take care of primary 3 at MFH by 2013.

House-Under construction

The soccer goalposts are the latest equipment on the playground, courtesy of Pastor Mike's Church. This has brought a smile to the sports lovers at My father's House.

Goal posts placed in the field for soccer

Children at MFH participated in the celebrations organized by the NGO's working with children Mbale to mark Uganda's Golden jubilee under the theme "Uganda @ 50 with children". Children from MFH composed a Jubilee song that was sang at the function and Jonah wanyanga was the child guest of honor. Children from MFH made several performances and they merged best in Music Dance and Drama, leave alone the moving speech from the guest child.

Children from MFH participating in the Match during the Celebrations for Uganda @50

This year we were able to harvest 150kg of maize besides that which was prepared and eaten fresh by roasting or cooking. The 150 kgs will be milled to supplement the children's feeding needs.

Related to the above, we have prepared the garden and planted a potatoes, cassava, vegetables and passion fruits. Some of the vegetable seeds were given to us by friends from Jesus is alive church.

Our children are learning some livelihood skills and at best are able to bake some cakes, cookies and madazi.

As a sign of spiritual growth and Christian Maturity, 12 children were baptized in September. We praise God that this very important spiritual milestone was done in the presence of Pastor Ernest Howie, our Spiritual Parents and donors.
Forty (40) children have been provided with a home and being cared for in a holistic manner; ie receiving education, healthcare, feeding, housing and spiritual development. Abundant Life Primary and Nursery School started in January 2012. The school has a total population of 60 pupils, out of which 20 are from the community.

A borehole has been sunk within the compound to supply water to both the home and the school. This has greatly reduced the prevalence of diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid among the children and the community at large that come as a result of drinking unsafe water. Supplied over 1000 mosquito nets to the community in the effort to prevent malaria.

We started a Sunday service and midweek programs at MFH in June 2012. Children are encouraged to participate as a means for their spiritual growth as well as a way of developing their talents. The children are able to seek God through prayer, lead praise and worship sessions and read scriptures during the services. These programs are open to the community and the response is amazing. As a result of this initiative, 7 people (adults) from the community have given their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. In the month of July 2012, we acquired a sound system, and this has flavored our Sunday services greatly to the glory of God. We have seen our children grow in the thing of the Lord and among many.

In June 2012, the children from My Father's House participated in the celebrations to mark the day of the African Child. During the celebrations as an children's home, we partnered with the Red Cross society of Uganda and offered First Aid services at the function.

There is great improvement in the sitting arrangement in the classrooms that ensures pupil comfort and encourages learning and concentration. Testimonies from the community confirm to us that the children in My Father's House Primary School are more informed that their counterparts in other schools. We believe that this will translate into having more children from the community in the next academic year.

In the course of this year, the Director (Mr. Isaac Kitutu and His wife Gloria) received a gift of a baby boy called Adriel, as part of the blessing and Praise report from My Father's House.


Jonah, one of our children, leading praise during a party at the children's home Dec 2012


In 2008, ALIM purchased a 6 acre site 10km from Mbale, Uganda. There was a partly constructed school of 5 classrooms on the site. Building work began to complete the structure, to establish My Father's House, an children's home to provide a home for eventually 100 children. The children's home opened in 2009 with 20 children.

In 2010, a new home was constructed on the site, and a further 20 children were added. With a total of 40 children the high transport costs of taking 40 children to various schools led us to decide that a school should be established on the site. Two of the rooms in the original building were converted, and our school opened on 1st February 2012. The school has been so successful that we decided to invite parents in the local community to send their children to our facility. We have had many testimonies from them that our standard of education is better than the local government schools.

There are many activities going on at the children's home. The size of the site allows us to grow some of our own food, and the children are encouraged to participate in this. The leadership of New Life Church in Stowmarket, Suffolk, in England were kind enough to provide playground facilities and goal posts, for which all the children and staff are most thankful.

A church was established in 2012 and is now attended by 60 to 80 adults and children every Sunday. The leader of the church, is the chief executive of the children's home, Isaac Kitutu. He is supported by 2 house widows, 1 for girls and 1 for boys, together with a team of 5 teachers. Christian teaching is fundamental to all that goes on in My Father's House. In September 2012, 13 of our older children, who had accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour, were baptised. We give glory to God.

We have a local board of directors, consisting of pastors and business people who regularly meet to oversee and direct the work of the children's home, under the leadership of the chairman,

John Faith Magolo.