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Our Vision

1. To establish Abundant Life Christian Healing Centre as a source of healing and deliverance to The Glory of God, in accordance with the ministry of Jesus, as outlined in Luke 4 v 18.

2. To re-establish healing and deliverance as a means of evangelism as demonstrated in John 2 v 23 and spoken by Jesus in John 10 v 25, v 37-38.

3. To see the power of God to heal and deliver, at work in the body of Christ.

4. To see healing restored to the whole person, body, soul and spirit.

5. To help the body of Christ bring healing and deliverance to the world.

6. To teach God’s people in the areas of (a) salvation (b) prayer (c) anointing (d) impartation.

7. To equip God’s children to fulfil John 14 v 12 and Mark 16 v 17.