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EWS Briefs

-We have 41 children on the program currently. The 40 are in the home and 1 is outside with the care taker. Solomon stays with the grandmother but receives fees, medical, clothing and all necessary care.
-Children in good health. Three cases of those who had severe malaria were referred to Dakar Hospital.
-Pr. Ernest and team visited the project on 16th/June/2013. We had a great time.
-Fellowship and prayer meetings are growing stronger
-There is enough water supply due to a newly constructed tower.
-Health screening exercises were done.
-Farming activities ongoing.

Main Block at MFH

The Executive Director of Christian Childcare program Mr. James Kidulu with the children. He was the guest of honor during the birthday celebration of children born between April-June.

This report comes with heartfelt greetings from “My Father’s House” Children’s Home!!
As a family we acknowledge the unfading love, care and support from our Heavenly Father through our donors to enable us to unfold the holistic program to children, this has improved the welfare of the entire My Father’s house community.

The Aspects Handled during this quarter
-Education supplies and school fees payment.
-Physical/Health provision. medication
-Food/Nutrition provision.
-Social development.
-Spiritual development through Fellowships


1. Children Activities

Our children have grown in all spheres of life and for this we give the glory to God.

i) Birthday: As part of the activities of the quarter, 12 project children who were born in the months of April to June had their birthday celebrations, this brought a smile to their faces as it was a joyous moment that encouraged and showed them that they are loved and cared for.

LEFT: The chairman board enjoys a birthday dance with kids. RIGHT: The birthday children pose for a photo with the Board members.

ii) Health: There were very few cases of severe sickness among the children this quarter, which meant minimum hospital referrals. Good health is attributed to the children’s living environment which is good and clean. Besides, children sleep under mosquito nets, which protect them from being bitten by mosquitoes. On a spiritual front, we believe that the prayers that are offered for the children at the home have had the most effective impact on their health. The spiritual season of this quarter was climaxed by the visit of Pastor Ernest and Pastor Mike Smith in the month june. While in the home they prayed and anointed the children and staff with oil. The anointing broke the yolk of sickness and disease among the children and for this we rejoice.

iii) The children wrote letters to their sponsors. In these letters, children shared testimonies with their friends, who have sacrificed their resources to enable them be on the program.

iv) Skills training. The children involved in many skills training activities. These include Music Dance and Drama making of beads and necklaces. When these skills are fully developed, they may act as an income generating activity.

Children are learning how to make beads from paper for necklaces and bracelets.

The children have been involved in making paper beads necklaces as a way to benefit them in the future. We are glad at least all our big girls can make these paper beads and have acquired this skill. We plan to continue with the program such that each time we have friends who visit the project, we can sell some of the necklaces to raise more funds to facilitate other activities.

Some of the finished necklaces made by children, on display

v) Church/Fellowships
Our fellowships at the project are growing stronger. As part of the staff and childrens spiritual nourishment, we have continued to have different fellowships like daily morning devotions, evening glory with children, Thursday prayer and fasting and lunch hour fellowships among others. This has led to spiritual growth of the staff and children as those who could not lead prayer and sharing can now do so. Through continued prayer and fellowships, God has really done us well as many testimonies have been shared.
On Sunday we have a very strong Sunday service where some people from the community join us. On the same note, we have been boosted by the Board members who come often to be part of this great church.
As part of the church growth we have begun outreach ministry where we go and minister in churches and crusades.

Children ministering at the crusade and and in various church congregations.

This quarter’s overnight prayers were held on Friday the 14th/June/2013 and we were blessed to host Pastors from the local churches around.

Pastor Kasawa Godfrey of Chrisco Church ministrying during the overnight prayer, left people in the spirit seeking the Lord

Praise and worship during the overnight prayers on the 14th June 2013,

2. Programme Administration
i) For the good management of the project we had one board meeting and two management meetings and several staff meetings to deliberate on the Organizational issues
ii) The N.G.O operating license for My Father’s House has been renewed for the next three years.
Statutory payments and staff salaries and wages were promptly paid during the quarter.

There was a healthy screening exercise of the children by the community health worker and the assessment for the quarter was excellent and the results for all the children were good.

3. Sanitation
i) We have been able to acquire dustbins that are positioned at different corners to avoid littering of rubbish in the compound.

ii) We were able to create channels for the proper flow of water to avoid stagnation of water on the compound and breeding of the mosquitos.
iii) With the support of our donors, we were able to construct a strong water tank stand that carries a 10,000 liter water tank. This has enabled efficient and effective water supply to all houses in the compound.


4. School Development

i) My Fathers’ House Nursery and Primary School has been in existence for two and half years now since February 2011. The school has a population of 95 students, 40 from My Father’s Children’s Home and 55 from the community. In the month of April, the school participated in the local schools athletics completion. This exposed the children and the entire school community to the outside world. Participation in this event brought the school to the public arena and since then, nine more children were registered in the school.

The end of the 1st term was 3rd May and the second term started on 27th of May 2013.

ii) In this quarter, the children were able to get new sweaters as the old ones are worn out. This helps them to keep warm during cold weather.

5. Food and Nutritional Supplements
Food and nutritional supplement are catered for through a variety of food stuffs. We have been able to grow some varieties of food stuffs ranging from Potatoes, cassava, Maize and vegetables on a small scale to supplement those we buy for the feeding of the project children. This time we also began growing fruits and this quarter we began to harvest some passion fruits in our fruit garden.

1. Implement the monthly plans and budgets.
2. Children study tour
3. Birthday celebration.
4. Staff, board, School and home management meetings.
5. De-worming.
6. Life skills implementation.
7. Home assessment by government.
8. Health screening.
9. First aid training.
10. Community healthy sensitization
11. Games and sports.
12. School end of term assessment.
13. School and environmental inspection.
14. Love sponsorship programme in churches
15. Quarterly overnight prayers at the project.
16. Miriam and Stephen introduction and wedding on 27th July and 28th Sept 2013 respectively.

Prayer Request
-Pray for great reverence for the Lord in the children.
-Wisdom and understanding in performing every given task by project staff.
-Blessings and Prayer for financial provisions to our sponsors and donors.
-God’s hand to surround the home providing His divine protection.
-Pray for our nation that we may have peace

Many blessings