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January 2016

Peace and Grace in Jesus mighty name.

This is to appreciate Pr. Ernest Howie and his team in Abundant Life International Ministries for the great work of ministry done through the world as a whole but particularly for Bugiri as a district. For a time we have been quiet but a lot has been going on and still going on via the word preached to us by the two men of God. Pastor Ernest Howie and Pr. Mike Smith. We appreciate the messages preached to us. To mention but a few:

(1) Message of transparency and trust – where very few stand in truth and give accountability of both their physical and financial life. This has helped many leaders to turn and do rightfully; it is evident in our normal Leaders’ meetings as we quote some of the words you used in this sermon. 

2) Righteousness in marriage - this left many couples who have been cohabiting fully happy and staying with assurance that they are no more condemned as the mass wedding took place during broad day light. Many churches which were being led by pastors who were not wedded have brought testimonies of rising up and believers putting right their marriages following their pastors' deliverance from unholy marriages. We are so blessed that we still listen to your messages provided on CDs. There’s been revival in the land of Bugiri due to the live messages you imparted in us in the conferences and crusades. The harvest from the crusades are still realized. 

Prison Ministry 
Prisons visitations, people came to Christ both in Prison and after their being released, and we have received some men coming to confess Christ and testifying of the goodness of Christ because of the help got in prison through the Abundant Life International Organization.

Hospital Ministry
We have received appreciation from the Hospital management for the help provided to the Women and Children Wards for the two concurrent years we ministered to the hospital; and we have also received testimony from three of the ladies who had been abandoned in the hospital by their husbands who could not provide for them anything. In this I, as Coordinator for Bugiri, the working committee in Bugiri and on behalf of the Body of Christ in Bugiri - Write to appreciate the work done by the ALIM; Pr. Ernest Howie and Pr. Mike Smith for all the obedience to the Lord's call to come to Uganda and more so to Bugiri. We also appreciate Brother John Faith the coordinator and Pr. Sam- Sombi for all their efforts to make these conferences and Crusades a success.

We are also not ashamed to say that we are hungry to hear from you Papa. The body of Christ in Bugiri yearns to hear you minister to them once again. This is so according to the testimonies, reports, asked questions about your ministry and the requests to hear from you coming to us again.

God bless you for nurturing us. We have accepted to be your children.
God bless you abundantly.

I love you.

Betty Grace Katabalwa – Bugiri

 Jesus our Hope of Glory




Praise the Lord Pastor Ernest.  Thank you for your tireless labour in the work of reaching the lost.  Am happy to welcome you back from the Sironko mission.  It was a time of excitement, transformation, healing and great harvest in the body of Christ in Sironko.  There has never been such a great visitation in Sironko before.  The pastors are so excited with The Abundant Life power packed conferences, Crusade, Street preaching, Prison ministry, Hospital and School ministry.  The impact of the mission has brought tangible results in the churches in Sironko.  In fact the pastors in Sironko didn’t fully understand the impact of that mission until they saw it in the churches on Sunday.  According to the reports from different pastors, what is being experienced in churches is quite incredible and they are convinced that God sent you there for the purpose. On Sunday all churches increased in population.  The souls that were saved during the mission went to the churches.  The impact of the mission is still very powerful as God has continued to convict souls.  In different churches, many who didn’t confess at the crusade went and confessed in churches on Sunday.


After seeing what the Lord had done through ALIM, the pastors from Bulambuli the neighbouring district that was cut from Sironko held a meeting and they request that you think of visiting them with a crusade and conference and they have agreed that they will carry for half of the budget on the meals.

They have requested me to pass their sincere appreciation to you and the entire team and to tell you that they love you.

Thank you so much Pastor, pass my regards to mama Howie.

God Bless You

Massa Apolo



Hi papa Ernest. Christmas greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope you are all fine and safe in his grace. I bring you greetings from my family, church and the body of Christ in Sironko district.

The pastors and leaders in Sironko have never remained the same. They said they have been visited by different preachers but your coming was so divine and it has left an incredible touch on their lives and ministry. Many of them say that your message to them has awakened them to go back to the first love for God and it has also helped them to discover their spiritual position with God.

In summary they said they have discovered that they need more of God in their lives . Your visit revealed to them how God loves and cares for the church in Sironko. To them the conference was so unique from most meetings they have had. For it left them so much blessed that they pray that God will touch you again to come back with a crusade and such a leaders conference and if possible; to have it annually.

I and my family also do appreciate you so much for the love care and support that you have rendered to us. You have touched our lives and ministry so much that you have enabled us to move forward successfully. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Idda is now strong and feels well, she appreciates so much for the gift that you gave to her and the baby is fine.

With the support of the PA SYSTEM we are progressing in the ministry and we can easily make conferences and crusades without much stress and we have won many souls than ever. We have declared as a church that next year is going to be a year of evangelism and we are going to reach out with many more crusades than ever.

We believe to see souls come to Christ next year and we are praying that you pray with us in this area.
We feel so blessed to be part of Abundant life family and we wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed 2011.
We pray that God will bless you increasingly.




Following our crusade in Kitale, Kenya in August 2010, we received this exciting testimony from a young pastor in that town:-

Praise the Lord.  Hallelujah.  I am Pastor Enock Wanyonyi from Kitale, Kenya.  I want to testify to what God has done in my city since Abundant Life International Ministries held a crusade in August 2010. 

The churches are now much more committed to their calling and to one another in Christ.  That is not how it used to be.  It was like the big churches undermined the small churches, but not any more.  In short, unity is now felt among us, and in October we had a united church festival.  I was surprised to sit together with bishops, apostles and ministers of big churches, planning for a pastors and ministers crusade, reaching out into our city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe Jesus is soon to come back. 

During the crusade, as many pastors were eating and having fellowship together, I was busy collecting decision cards from the crusade.  I took 250 of them in my area, and immediately did a follow up.  I phoned many of them, as I wanted to have new Christians in my church.  The following Sunday I had 25 new people coming to our fellowship for the first time.  I continued doing fellowship daily, and the following Sunday another 30 new people came to our church.  To sum up, I have now harvested an additional 50 people in our church, so we have now increased from 24 to 74, 200% more.

I thank God for Abundant Life International Ministries.  God bless you, Pastor Ernest, for coming to Kitale. I have a church which is now growing steadily.  I have many more testimonies of victory as a result of the crusade, and I will continue to keep you informed of how The Lord is blessing us through our ministry.

God Bless you.



Report from Rukingiri  January 2011

Papa, praise the Lord, our God. We are happy to hear from you. I can now communicate to you so you can know what is happening in Rukungiri.


Your coming to Rukungiri was planned by God himself. God used you mightily. Before you came for the Crusade in 2008, the church of Christ was going through a certain wilderness, we were being despised by the people who are non believers, and the government officers. But when they saw you and your team, and the practical things that you did, like giving the cows to the people living with HIV/AIDS, giving of the Blankets to the prisoners, reaching the sick people in the medical centre, their hearts melted. Many people came to Christ in a massive way and many are in Churches. But also now the government officials respects us and hear us when we need them.

When you came back for the conference in December 2009, it made another difference even in the lives of many believers in Rukungiri district.   The Borehole you repaired in the prison made a very big difference and many prisoners have come to love God. Many of those prisoners we meet there were forgiven, and others judged justly. We now have 4 former prisoners who come to our church as a result of that hand of love.

Our church is a rented hall and it seats about 500 people but now it is full to capacity every Sunday. we no longer fit there. We now have a challenge of the space. We are believing God that by April, we shall be shifting to our land near by. We have purposed to start this project in Early February with the grading of the ground, put Toilets and then Tent which seats about 1000 people, with a 450 seater for the children. When we go on our land, we will be able to dream big. So keep us in prayer for that.

We now have about four hundred children in our Sunday school, and this year we are going to be giving them breakfast (pollage) so that they will  love God and church. I am also sending two of my ministers to a Bible school in Kampala, for 2 years so that they may be of great help when they come back. So pray for God's provision in all those areas in Jesus's name.

These look like big challenges in our eyes, but the lord who brought the minister from  Abundant life international ministries will also meet the challenges in his own way. Thanks papa for your commitment for the work of God in Uganda. For us in Rukungiri, we feel the touch and impact of your coming to Uganda.

God bless you big

Elisha Kakwerere (Pastor)


20th January 2011






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