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Leaders & Team

The Leader of Abundant Life International Ministries:
Ernest Howie


John Faith Magolo Executive Director, Mbale, Uganda

Pastor Mike Smith. Evangalist and Teacher New Life Church, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

Pastor Samuel Sombi, Crusade co-ordinator, Masaka, Uganda

Can you put these photos on the website under leaders and team:-

No. 1
Ministry support team Godfrey Kalungi, Pastor Henry Ahabwamukama, James (Keyboard) and Pastor Samuel Sombi.



No. 4
Bishop Andrew Mutenga a member of My Fathers House Board of Governors, with his wife Judith.



No. 5
Pastor Apolo Massa, leader of ALIM intercessory prayer team, with his wife Aidah, Headmistress and a member of My Fathers House Board of Governors.




No. 6
Mr John Gimuguni, Chairman of My Fathers House Parents Association with his wife Lilian.