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The 79th and 80th ALIM Pastors and leaders conference was held in Kalisizo town in Kyotera district, in southern Uganda and in the town of Kayanga, Karagwe district in the Kagera region, North-East of Tanzania. In Kalisizo, the conference was held at Kalisizo Pentecostal Church from 12th to 15th September 2018 and Karagwe from 17th to 20th September 2018. The conference delegates’ attendance in Kalisizo was 600 and that of Karagwe was 1000.

  Kalisizo conference organizing committee and the ALIM team in a photo

    The teachers during the conferences handled fundamental topics such as “walking in the fear of the Lord and walking in integrity” These two topics acted as a foundation and other topics came thereafter. The teachings pointed to the main theme of the conference; Hosea 4:6—“My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.



    The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and rural areas. Participants who live within the community commuted from their homes. In Kalisizo, the participants who resided were 300 and 620 in Karagwe. The residents arrived a day earlier so as to settle down in preparation for an early conference start on the opening day. ALIM provided all the 3 major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to the conference participants through catering service providers procured by local pastors. .

    Participants having their Lunch during the conference 


    The teachings were received with joy and gladness in both towns.  Many participants made a public confession that the teachings in the conference were unique and more importantly Bible based.  One participant during the conference in Karagwe confessed that since he got saved 20 years ago, the ALIM conference was the 1st one of its kind, focused on truth based on the word of God and nothing less. Kenneth the interpreter in Kalisizo during morning devotions applauded Pastor Ernest Howie for mentoring the team through the word of God and for keeping it together in such a coordinated manner during ministry.   
    In response to the teaching on baptism of the Holy Spirit, over 300 delegates were baptized in the Holy Spirit in Kalisizo and over 500 in Karagwe. During baptism, men and women spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. In his message “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”, pastor explained that speaking in tongues is a sign that a believer has been equipped to do everything that Jesus did.


The crowd is lost is worship to God during the

conference in Karagwe


In response to the message on marriage as God intended, 5 couples were wedded in the sight of God during the conference in Kalisizo. The pastoral leadership in both towns agreed to follow the same example by wedding people in simplicity as demonstrated during the conference. If this practice of wedding people in simplicity is fully embraced, it is likely to reduce the number of people in church living together without being wedded.



During the conference, 5 adults after hearing the teachings, were challenged by the inner conviction of the Holy Spirit and they gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. The five were handed over to the Local leadership for follow-up and discipleship.



The five received Jesus Christ as Lord and savior during the conference in Karagwe


Emmanuel Tusubira, one on the 5 members of ALIM is set to have a simple wedding in line with the teachings on marriage in ALIM conferences. He said that after listening to the message on marriage as God intended for a while, he is fully convinced that this is what he should do. His wedding is scheduled for 24th November 2018.  



The teaching on the sacrament of Holy Communion signified the importance of the church as one with a mission and purpose to bring glory to God. The cup signifies blood for the forgiveness of sins of all mankind and the bread represents the body of Jesus Christ; a symbol of health and wholeness for all believers. ….

“By His stripes, we are healed”….Isaiah 53:4-5.



Conference participants taking communion during the conference in Kalisizo .


During the conferences, a message was delivered on giving as an act of service. The delegates were encouraged to make an offering in order for the church to purchase food stuff and other basic needs to be taken to hospital,  prison and to provide assistance for any other need in the community that may be identified by the committee. As a result, a total of UGX. 3,057,200  (eqvivalent of $ 850) was collected, and ALIM contributed a matching sum.  Using this money, the local committee bought foodstuff, detergents/soap for adult patients and milk for infants and mothers in the maternity wards. The participants were joined by the ALIM team to visit the hospital in Kalisizo where the sick were prayed for, encouraged with words of hope from the Bible. After praying and encouraging the sick with the word of God, every patient in the hospital was given a package of sugar, soap and rice, and all was done in the Name of Jesus.




Pastor Ernest giving a patient some foodstuff

after praying for him.



While in Uganda, Pastor Ernest ministered in the “Women with a Mission” conference organised by Annet Muserwa, a Pastor of Rivers of life Church in Mbale. Pastor ministered in the conference from Wednesday the 5th till saturday the 8th of September. Pastor also ministered in the lunch hour fellowship at St. Andrews Cathedral in Mbale from 5th to 7th September.
Ministry engagement for the week ending on 8th climaxed with Pastor Ernest preaching  at St. John’s Anglican Church in Nakaloke, Mbale.

Pastor Ernest ministered in two services after which he visted James, a man he prayed for in June 2016 because he was invalid. James a soldier for the Ugandan armed forces was retired on medical grounds and since 2012, was being carried everywhere for anything. After that prayer of faith in the name of Jesus in 2016, James started gaining strength and shortly after, Revered Patrict the Vicar at St. John’s Church wrote James’s testimony and sent it to me that he has now gained strength to do things by himself. At the beginning of 2017, James started to learn how to sew clothes using a sewing machine. When we visited James on Sunday the 9th, we found him sewing clothes and he testified that he has a lot to do as many people in the community have come to trust in his sewing abilities.

James on the way to full recovery from being an invalid

in Jesus Name



Thanks to the Almighty God for the grace and favour that he placed upon His servant, Pastor Ernest for the three weeks of ministry in Uganda and Tanzania. This is all wrapped up in the scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”   Thanks to the ALIM team for cooperating with God and for being true to the calling to equip the church with the truth of the Word of God. ALIM registers gratitude to the planning and coordinating teams in Kalisizo and Karagwe and pray for God’s blessings upon them all. 


Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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