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Busolwe       23rd - 25th July 2015

Buwalasi      24th -26th September 2015

Miracle Life Ministries with the support from Abundant Life Ministries International has held two gospel crusades; one in Busolwe Town council, Butallejja District and the other in Buwalasi Sub-county, Sironko District. A total of 132, souls were saved in Busolwe and 153 souls were saved in Buwalasi.

Miracle Life Ministries with support from Abundant Life International ministries held a crusade in Busolwe town council, Butalleja District. This took place from 23rd to 25th July 2015. During the 3 day crusade, 132 souls came to Christ

We also had many testimonies of Gods healings, deliverance and miracles on the crusade ground, glory to God. Thanks to God for the clothes that John gave us, it was a great blessing since the pastor who hosted us has over 50 people in her home whom she supports single handedly. They include people who were cast out of their families because of Christ, those she was given when they are mad; others bewitched others homeless and many young children who were thrown away by their mother etc. It was a great joy when those clothes were delivered to them


Busolwe is dominated with Islam, Catholics, witch doctors and shrines in most homes and all these groups are opposed to the gospel.
We had much resistance in the place especially on the first day of the crusade, due to much rain  and storms that went on until very late. Had it not been for our team that worked sacrificially in the heavy rains, our  PA system would have been destroyed. The place also had the usual transport challenges.
Way forward.
There is need to establish strong prayer altars in the area to address the challenges of witchcraft and religion that is opposed to the truth of the gospel and more gospel rallies to be taken in the place. We have established a discipleship team that has continued to go to Busolwe twice in a month to encourage and ground the church in the word. We thank God that there are great  testimonies out of our continued presence and the local church is growing stronger. 


The crusade took place in a rural Sub-County of Buwalasi in Sironko district. After the proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom of God, 153 souls came to Christ. The area in practical terms had no experience of spiritual churches around as the place is dominated with the traditional churches, majorly Catholic Anglican and with several mosques. So after the three days gospel crusade, the Lord led me to begin a church in the place to help the new believers to be grounded in the word and for spiritual growth. There was a local pastor who lives in this community whom we entrusted with the responsibility of the church and so far all is going on well.
Though the area was also dominated with witches and sorcerers, the spirit of drunkenness was another strong hold in the area, majority of people in the place are drunkards and many young people have dropped out of school due to witchcraft. The opening of the church in the place was a great joy for the people of the area at the same time a place of refuge against witchcraft attacks. There were many testimonies of Gods healings, deliverance and miracles on the crusade ground, glory to God.


Pastor Apollo preaching at the crusade; below he is leading new converts into a confession prayer.


We started a church in the area that is now being used as a foundation for follow up on new converts, discipleship meetings and also being used as a prayer altar in the area.

Once again our sincere thanks to Abundant Life International Ministries for their generous support that has enabled us do the will of God in our country. We pray for good health and strength to papa Ernest Howie and that the blessings of salvation shall flow through his family from now to the generations to come in Jesus name. Amen



October 2015






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