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Nakaloke 2nd - 4th December 2014


 Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) upholding the commitment to teach and make disciples in Uganda and beyond moved to the home ground in Nakaloke, town council Mbale District. Nakaloke Town Council is a home of My Father’s House Children’s Home, Nursery and Primary School; the operations under ALIM. The conference and the crusade took place from 2nd to 4th of December 2014.  The teacher of the word was Pastor Ernest Howie assisted by John Faith.  Other activities that took place in the course of the week were Community work with a focus to the most vulnerable (elderly and the sick) and visitation to the community health center. A total of 135 souls came to the Lord in response to the word, 5 couples were wedded in the sight of God and many were baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit..

The ministry team and the Nakaloke Pastors fellowship leadership



Though ALIM’s home is in Nakaloke town council, there has never been any arrangement of this kind in the town.  This time around, was however the right time to have these events take place under the persuasive request of the Nakaloke Pastors fellowship. ALIM Conferences are a powerful conduit through which the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ flows through the believers in these meetings hence bringing deliverance among them from all kinds of bondage and oppression.  The teachings focused on the fear of the Lord, power of Christianity and marriage as God intended. A total of 420 people were in attendance during the 3 days conference.

During the message on Marriage as God intended, five couples responded to the alter call to sanctify their marriage in the sight of God. This brought joy to the church and glory to God as the couples marched forward to make vows and receive their certificate from Abundant Life International Ministries.



The couples making marriage vows to each other during the conference

3.0 CRUSADE 2nd -4th December 2014


Pastor Ernest Howie preaching the gospel in season and out of Season –Nakaloke

The three day outreach crusade was held at the town council open ground and attracted thousands of people. The prayer team held intercessory prayers in the community hall that was adjacent to the crusade ground. Counseling sessions were also carried out by the team to various individuals and in the process, many were delivered from all forms of oppression and others received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. A total of 135 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.  


MFH Children’s choir ministering at the crusade along with Roslyn and Harriet. They are both volunteers with MFH 


Moments of Praise and worship on the crusade brought about the manifestation of God’s presence and brought joy to the people. The interchurch mass choir was the major channel of praise during the crusade. Besides this, a number of choirs were present and the power of the Lord moved greatly among the crowds and many were set free from the bondage of sin by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. 


Pastor Ernest ministering at the crusade

Below is a couple receiving a certificate after making marriage vows


i)              Hospital

During the week of ministry, the local pastors carried on the community work by visiting the local health center where they prayed with the sick and presented to them gifts of milk sop and sugar. The other team of local pastors moved within the conference neighborhood visiting the elderly and the sick. They prayed with them and offered them a food pack consisting of 2 kgs of rice, Sugar and a litre of cooking oil. During the outreach, 8 people responded to the loving gospel by getting saved in the hospital and 2 in community.  

He who gives to the poor gives to the Lord. This old woman and the her grand children receiving a food pack


Pastor Ernest visited My Father’s House Children’s Home where he had an interactive meeting with the Management. In the meeting, he encouraged the team to work with diligence as this is an opportunity for them to serve the Lord. The pastor had a guided tour around MFH where he was shown a demonstration garden for Farming God’s Way being practiced by Roslyn Kee the volunteer from Northern Ireland. At MFH, Pastor Ernest officiated at the Home and School community day where he shared the good news with hundreds of community members that turned up. 150 families where represented and each family was blessed with a food pack as a token of God’s divine blessings love and provision. On the same day, 30 children who had successfully finished top class were blessed and passed on from nursery to primary one.  


Pastor Ernest and the staff at MFH children’s home, Primary and Nursery school 

From the left: Isaac, Peter Pastor Ernest, John Faith, Roslyn and Stella in the garden of Tomatoes   

Pastor Ernest cutting a graduation cake with the children at MFH 


We ascribed thanks to the Lord our God for making it possible to have a conference, crusade and other activities that reflect God’s grace love and mercy to mankind, particularly to the Nakaloke community in this season.  Thanks to the Nakaloke Pastors Fellowship for a recommendable job in organizing and coordinating the ministry events as elaborated in this report.  We extend our gratitude to Pastor Ernest, the leader of Abundant Life Ministries International for all the material and financial support towards the crusade and the conference as well as his ability to keep focused in growing MFH. I acknowledge the contribution of Pastor Samuel Sombi, for working closely with the Pastors on behalf of ALIM, Pastor Apollo Massa for his intercessory support, Godfrey Kalungi for his inspiring worship, the sound team and John Faith for his strategic engagement with all stake holders.   May the love, peace and joy that the comes through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ fill your hearts and the blessing of God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit rest upon you all now and always. Amen 

Compiled by John Faith Magolo


Be richly blessed    

Blessings to all, Compiled by JOHN FAITH MAGOLO ALIM/HCCT-UGANDA.



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