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It’s yet another memorable time when Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) presents to you a testimony and an account of the ministry’s gospel outreach crusade to Rwanda. The crusade took place in the Eastern province town of Kayonza in Rwanda. Seventeen years after the genocide, the people of Rwanda still suffer the wounds of these 100 days and need to make a positive decision to bring about healing of body soul and mind. In April 1994 after President Habyarimana`s plane was shot down, a very horrible massacre started, which lasted 100 days. In these 100 days, 1 million TUTSI and moderate HUTUS were killed with machetes and knives


Pastor Ernest preaching at the crusade

Women were raped, parents were killed in front of their children’s eyes, and very many people got serious injuries and wounds. In July 1994, The Rwandan Patriotic Front were able of stopping these horrible killings, and seized power, and immediately ordered a cease fire. Since then the people have had to deal with the effects of the genocide which include; trauma and mental problems, high levels of HIV/AIDS prevalence, originally due to rape and defilement.  People live in very poor conditions, yet most of the things in Rwanda are expensive, including treatment, school fees, transport, rent, and food, a factor that makes life hard for people in Rwanda. Having been awakened to these realities, ALIM purposed to contribute to the healing and restoration process of the Rwandese people through a holistic and life changing crusade.

The crusade took place from 21st -24th September 2011. The crusade team composed of two other ministries that joined ALIM and they include; New Life Church, Stow Market England led by Pr. Mike Smith and members from Jesus  Is Alive Christian Centre, Northern Ireland. As it is the way of ALIM, the crusade was jointly arranged and carried out together with the Pastors of Kayonza town. Ministry week activities included the crusade, Pastors’ and leaders’ conference, hospital ministry, street preaching, school visitation and prayer tent ministry. As a result, 1438 people made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour, many suffering from all ailments were healed and all those oppressed by the devil where delivered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.



The conference had an average of 100 participants in attendance and they were composed of Pastors, deacons and all those with leadership responsibilities in their local congregations. The message in the conferences centred on inner healing that comes to the body of Christ as a result of forgiving and allowing to be forgiven. The message of revival was made clear to the participants and at the end of the conference; all participants were convinced that God is preparing the land for revival that will lead the land into the end times. The fear of the Lord, living in integrity and walking a spirit filled and led life is a requisite for revival



The crusade took place for 4 nights on the town council grounds between 4.00-6.30 pm. The crusade attracted thousands who gathered to participate and hear the word of God. Besides preaching by Pastor Ernest and Pastor Mike, the dual prayed for the sick and they received their healing in the name of Jesus.  A woman who had a tumour and had an appointment for operation on Thursday the 22nd came to the crusade on Wednesday and after a prayer of healing, she believed God. When she went to the doctor the following day, there was no trace of a tumour, for the Lord Jesus touched her when Pastor Ernest prayed with her. During worship, many were filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues as led by the Spirit. The meeting brought joy and healing to the town to the Glory of God.


One method to reach the unreached and particularly those that were unable to come to the crusade ground, was to take the gospel to their door steps. The sound system was mounted to the truck and it moved from place to place, especially in the trading centers and housing estates. Activities during street preaching included the distribution of food, soap and milk to the poor families in the community, visiting homes of different people for prayer and counselling, praise and worship, preaching and praying for the sick. Many people responded positively to the call for salvation to the glory of God.


Eight schools were visited during the crusade time. In each school visited, both the staff and students were anxiously waiting to receive the word of God. Thousands of students/pupils gathered around the ministry teams to hear the word. As a result, hundreds of them received Jesus Christ. All the schools visited received a gift of a soccer and net ball donated by a team from Jesus Alive Christian Center, Tobermore, Northern Ireland. 


The ministry team visited Gahini public hospital in the town where the patient population was 110. The team preached Christ and prayed for the sick and carried out counselling sessions. The team also gave gifts of sugar and soap and Milk to each patient and their attendants. These gifts were received with gratitude and thanks giving to God. Many patients received salvation and healing in accordance with God’s word.


New believers received a gift of a T/shirt from ALIM to remind them that they are children of God

Just like it is the joy of a farmer to carry the harvest home to show the result of his labour, so it is with ALIM. On the last day of the crusade, Pastor Ernest had a fellowship meeting with the new converts (Those who made their 1st ever decision to follow Christ Jesus throughout the crusade time). Pastor Ernest encouraged them in the Lord and pledged prayer support for them from the entire ALIM family worldwide.  He encouraged the Pastors to take seriously the harvest to ensure that none of them goes back to their former way of life. In the same meeting, the chairman of the organizing committee introduced all the pastors who participated in organizing the crusade and those who were present to the new converts. The Pastors welcomed the new believers and pledged to support them get grounded in their new found and most holy faith.


We owe thanks to the Almighty God for using ALIM as a channel of blessings to His people in Rwanda. Many thanks go to Abundant Life Christian Fellowship for the financial support that made this crusade a success and more so for being available to be used of God. Thanks to Pastor Mike and the entire team from New Life Family Church and the team from Jesus Is Alive Christian Center, for being there too as labourers in the Lord’s vine yard.  The ALIM family presents their gratitude to Pastor Ernest Howie for leading the team and for allowing God to use him in a special way as evidenced in the report. We thank the Pastors of Kayonza, especially Pastor Gavastas Isreal Rubibi for organizing the crusade, and we pray for God’s grace and strength to do follow-up of the new converts.

God Bless you all

John Faith Magolo









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