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Mission to Kapchorwa May 2010

Abundant Life Visit to Kapchorwa, Uganda
10 - 12th May 2010

Abundant Life International Ministry under Pastor Ernest Howie carried out a Pastor’s and Leaders conference in Kapchorwa town in Eastern Uganda. Pastor Ernest was accompanied by Pastor Mike Smith of New Life Church, Suffolk in England. The three day meeting was hosted by the Kapchorwa Pastor’s fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Godwin Tom Soyekwo. The meetings took place at Christ Glorious Church and were attended by over 900 participants of which 200 were residents. Many miracles, signs and wonders happened in this meeting and the name of the Lord was lifted high in the land as never before. The conference was attended by pastors and leaders from the districts of Kapchorwa, Bukwo, Nakapiripirit (Karamoja region), and Sironko.

The conference was well attended with the numbers more than double what was anticipated. The original planning was for 400 participants yet the actual turn up was over 900 people of which 200 were residents. The meeting hall, with a capacity to sit of 600 persons could not hold the congregation. In response to the need for space, the organising committee had to organise for a tent and hire more chairs to contain the overflow. It was a testimony over the land and a blessing to the organisers in the spirit of unity, as this was the 1st meeting ever to have so many Pastors and Bishops attending and so engaging in such a manner.


Pastor Ernest and Pastor Mike were full of grace and they passionately taught the word of Truth to the conference participants. The participants were taught about the fear of the Lord as the basis for knowing God and being ready at all times to do His will. Other topics that were taught included; Life being a journey, walking tall in Christ Jesus, re-digging the wells of revival, Walking in the spirit, Marriage as God intended, Body Soul and Spirit; Miracles signs and wonders as a sign of God’s presence with His people. The presence of God was so strong in the meeting and the participants were so much connected to the teaching of the word and all in one Spirit caused a big spiritual impact and transformation of lives. Pastor Godwin commented that the conference did not only bring spiritual re-awakening but also restoration of marriage life. Many pastors and leaders confirmed that the conference brought a great sense of commissioning to serve God without excuse. After the message on “Marriage as God intended” the pastor’s confessed that they had believed so much in culture to the extent that husband and wife would never walk together let alone walking holding hands. Another pastor said that showing intimacy to ones wife in public causes embarrassment to the husband in community. Praise God that all these conceptions were nullified by the word of God. We pray that this truth shall continually be proclaimed in the church to cause awareness and to bring freedom to the children of God from the bondage of culture.

Several people testified to have received healings and Miracles during the conference. A lady was instantly healed of brucellosis and she also believed God for the healing of her sick child left back home and indeed when she went back home after testifying, the baby was healed. Praise the Lord!.

This was a very important component of the conference. Choirs from different churches and ministries also led praise and worship in between sessions and they also made special presentations to the congregation. This arrangement revealed a lot of potential in the church of Christ and the impact that the church can make when they all come together in one accord.


The technical team was led by Br Emma, the sound technician for Abundant Life. To exercise prudence and minimise the costs, the system used for the conference was supplied by Pastor Apollo of Miracle Life Church in Mbale instead of Kampala. The sound system worked perfectly well, thanks to Emma’s diligence in ensuring that all goes well. The sound system operation was occasionally interrupted by rain since there was no shelter to put a generator but a solution was got very quickly and all was well throughout the conference. Emma worked hand in hand with the local technical team to provide monitors to the people outside the main meeting hall. This worked perfectly and no one was left out.


Pastor Ernest had a live radio broadcast for two days on Trinity Radio – Kapchorwa which covers a radius of 80 to 100kms depending on the terrain. The radio program was a “phone in” and so many people called seeking prayer for healing and divine intervention for their various life challenges. According to Pastor Godwin, two ladies called in a day after we left and testified that they received their healing when they touched their radios by faith as Pastor Ernest prayed. May the Lord be gloried through all this word of testimony.


Among the participants, 200 of them were residents and 700 were non residents. The Pastors hired a local hotel to prepare meals for the delegates. At first the Pastors had suggested that they negotiate with the hotel to provide meals and payments be made per plate. However, given the trend of the conference attendance, I advised that the pastors organise the food, and the hotel be paid only for labour in a bid to save costs. This idea was taken on board by the organising committee and it helped to ensure wise spending within the approved budget.


The Pastors Fellowship of Kapchorwa has made a special request to Abundant Life International Ministries to consider having a crusade in Kapchorwa in 2011.8.0


Over 500 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and were powerfully equipped to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the area.


We would like to give praise to the Lord for the successful outcome of the conference that was such a blessing to the people of Kapchorwa and the surrounding districts. Many thanks to Pastor Ernest and Abundant Life International Ministries for funding the conference and being available to be used as vessels for the Most High. Going without mention is the diligence, commitment and hard work of Pastor Godwin and the entire organising committee. May the Lord bless you all.


The success of the conference was ensured by the excellent organising ability of John Faith Magolo from Mbale, who is the fulltime director and representative of Abundant Life International Ministries in Africa.
We praise God for all the victories over the enemy, which were achieved during the conference.




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