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- Crusade to Kapchorwa, Uganda

March 2011 -


Abundant Life Crusade Kapchorwa Team-2011(From left: Pastor Mike Smith, Darren, Sam, Tamar, Apollo, Darren, Roberta, Pastor Ernest, John Faith, Ursina –kneeling right, David, Phiona, Breige, Olive and Gavan)



Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) had its ninth crusade in Uganda in the extreme Eastern District of Kapchorwa, only separated from Kenya by a forest and Mt Elgon. The crusade took place from 2nd -5th March 2011 and the team composed of two other ministries joining ALIM in the ministry work; New Life Church, Stow Market England led by Pr. Mike Smith and members from Jesus Is ALive Christian

Centre, Tobermore, Northern Ireland.

The mission was a consortium between ALIM and the Kapchorwa Pastors Fellowship. Ministry week activities included the crusade, Pastors’ and leaders’ conference, hospital and prison ministry, street preaching, and school visitation and prayer tent ministry. During the ministry week, ALIM experienced the greatest number of miracles of healing and deliverances as many of God’s people who were living under torment and demonic oppression were set free. Those who testified of being healed and delivered were 180 in number. A total of 1359 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time to the glory of God. 


The conference had over 1000 participants in attendance and they were composed of Pastors, deacons and all those with leadership responsibilities in their local congregations. It attracted leaders from neighbouring districts of Karamoja, Bukwo, Kween and Sironko. The 800 seater conference hall was full to capacity and a tent was arranged to cater for the overflow. The three day conference centred on preparing the leaders for the task ahead of them especially that of growing the church of Christ and looking after the new converts.  The participants were reminded that the exploits they are going to do in the land is not about them but about God through them. Pastor Ernest and Mike expounded on the promises of God to the church through the names of God, why many of God’s people are not healed and all this was crowned by and encouragement that the Church in Kapchorwa was well able to take the land. 


The crusade took place on the grounds in the centre of town from 2nd to 5th, 4.00-6.30 pm. It started with a Jesus March through the streets of the town, led by a brass band. The crusade attracted thousands who gathered to participate and hear the word of God. Besides preaching by Pastor Ernest, a large number of sick people were prayed for and they received their healing. Many of those who were prayed for testified that they have been miraculously healed by God.  The prayer tent ministry was such an effective way to allow all those who needed prayer to receive personal attention.  The prayer tent ministry took place from 2.30 to 5.00pm

Pastor Ernest leading people into a confession prayer to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour 

One method to reach the unreached and particularly those who lived too far away to come to the crusade ground, was to take the gospel to their door steps. The sound system was mounted on the truck and it moved from place to place, especially in the trading centres and housing estates. Activities during street preaching included, praise and worship, preaching, counselling and praying for the sick. Many people responded positively to the call for salvation to the glory of God.


The prison ministry was such a moving one. The most encouraging aspect of this ministry this time was the warm welcome from the officer in charge who is born again together with her assistant. Out of the 152 inmates, 70 were present during the ministry team visit and 32 of them committed their lives to Jesus Christ. The team presented gifts of love to the inmates, which include sugar and soap and mats for sleeping on. The inmates who accepted Jesus as saviour also received a t-shirt each with a gospel scripture “I’m a child of God” confirming their son-ship in God.

The ministry team also visited several schools in Kapchorwa. They shared Christ with the pupils and many committed their lives to the Lord. They also gave a gift of a box of pencils for the pupils.

The ministry team visited Kapchorwa hospital. The team preached Christ and prayed for the sick and carried out counselling sessions. The team also gave to the patients’ gifts of sugar and soap, and these were received with thanks giving. Many patients received salvation and some of them were healed after prayer and came to the crusade to testify.

Tamar together with a local counsellor presents a gift of soap and Sugar to patients in Kapchorwa Hospital, courtesy of ALIM

During the week, Pastor Ernest and Mike were hosted on a local radio where they taught the word of God, prayed for the sick and many other needs were prayed for in response to those who called in. Many people gave their lives to Jesus Christ, some of whom came to testify on the crusade that they got saved while listening to radio. One caller requested Pastor Mike to pray against the proclaimed drought by the Ministry of Disaster, and prophesy rain over the land. The following day, after many weeks of drought, it rained heavily and the team can testify about this. We serve a miracle working God.


Meeting and welcoming the converts has become synonymous with ALIM crusade. On the last day of the crusade, Pastor Ernest and the entire ministry team had a get together with the new converts. Pastor Ernest encouraged them in the Lord and pledged prayer support for them all from ALIM.  He encouraged the Pastors to take seriously the harvest, to ensure that none of them goes back to their former way of life. In the same meeting, the chairman of the organizing committee introduced all the pastors who participated in organizing the crusade and those who were present, to the new converts. The Pastors welcomed the new believers and pledged to support them whenever possible.



  • Healing. Many people received miracles of healing and deliverance from all forms of oppression by the devil. Two women who came walking with crutches left them behind, after receiving their healing. A young boy who has never walked started walking after prayer to the glory of God. A woman who had lived under oppression by evil spirits was delivered during prayer after a demon in the form of a frog came out of his private parts. She testified a day later that she was free in Jesus name. She gave her life to Jesus Christ. 188 testimonies of healings were written down, a confirmation that God was at work among his people. 


    This little boy could not stand or walk but he received a touch from Jesus. He is healed and able to walk now. Praise God.

  • Salvation. Many people were presented with a choice to make between Life and Death and within the course of the week 1359 people had given their lives to Jesus Christ. What a joy that was, is and shall be for these many of God’s people who chose the path of righteousness. 
  • Unity among pastors. For the past 6 years, Pastors had never come together to organise such a fruitful event. As a result of this working together, the Pastors have been drawn to each other as a unit for God’s service. The Pastors had a meeting on 7th March and they distributed the decision cards for follow-up. Pastor Godwin testified that 40 new believers attended his Fellowship on 6th March and he believes the number will grow bigger as they intensify the follow-up. Thank you Jesus.
  • Ministry team. Some people on the ministry team had never before had an opportunity to lead anybody to salvation. The Ministry trip to Uganda presented the opportunity to the members and they were blessed as they saw God using them in a mighty way for the first time.     


We give thanks to Almighty God for using ALIM team for His glory during the ministry week and above all for his protection upon each person’s life among those involved. Many thanks go to Abundant Life Christian Fellowship for the financial support that made this crusade a success and more so for being available to be used of God. Thanks to Jesus Is Alive, Northern Ireland and New Life Church Suffolk for providing harvesters into the Lord’s vine yard.  We owe gratitude to Pastor Ernest Howie for leading the team and for allowing God to use him. We thank the Pastors of Kapchorwa for organizing the crusade and for their commitment to follow-up the new converts. The sure encouragement for all who participated is that your labour in Christ Jesus in not in vain (1corinthans 15:58).

God Bless you all

John Faith Magolo






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