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With God’s help, the Miracle Life Gospel outreach team won 59 souls to Christ. Kibira Subcounty located in sironko district was experiencing a cholera outbreak by the time the crusade was held, but God protected the ministry team and the three days’ crusade was successfully concluded.

The people responded to the alter-call and are making a prayer of confession

During the crusade, we witnessed great healings, deliverance and miracles. Particularly there was a girl 14 years of age who had a terrible stomachache and could not stand upright and when we prayed, God touched her instantly and she was able to stand upright and walk normally that very moment.
As a result of this harvest, we have opened up a church in the community and have posted there one of our Pastors to disciple and nurture the new believers. It’s now three months since the church was opened and the work is moving on successfully.


The major challenges we faced during this mission were the cholera threat which affected the attendance, also the very poor hygienic conditions, lack of clean water, and very poor roads that made it toilsome to access the crusade area.


While going to minister at the crusade, it rained so heavily and yet I was travelling on a motorcycle (Boda Boda). Fortunately, I arrived at the crusade ground in time ready to minister but I was wet with my coat filled with patches of dirt. As result, church elders mobilized themselves and bought me a car for ministry. I thank God who is growing us in this direction.




God’s saving grace was present to save and deliver souls even after being interrupted by heavy down pour and storms. In total, 102 souls were won to Christ. Bubirabi sub county in Mbale district is one of the unreached areas dominated with witchcraft, drunkenness, sexual immorality, illiteracy, peer pressure and early marriages. Early marriages are as a result of the high school dropouts among the youth. People in the area expressed their gratitude to God for this crusade and they received it with great joy. By the last day, when we left, people still expressed the need for another crusade in the area when the weather is conducive.
We witnessed great healings, deliverance and miracles on the crusade ground. There was a Muslim girl believed to have been bewitched and her life was being tormented for years with demonic attacks and according to witnesses in the area, she had attempted committing suicide several times. During the crusade, she came screaming and landed at my feet (Pastor Apollo’s) and was delivered by the mighty hand of God. She committed her life to Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior.



Praise and worship during the crusade. In the background is the Pastors car that the elders bought for him


We continue to face the challenge of discipleship and follow-up. Though a church had to be opened in Kibira to mitigate this problem, we liaised with some local church leaders in Bubirabi and formed a discipleship team. These were trained for two days by the Miracle Life discipleship team and were commissioned to carry on with the work of growing the church. Two Months now down the road many of the new converts have been integrated into local churches to the glory of God.


i) Our next crusade is in Kamu Sub-county Bulambuli District between 26th to 28th May 2016.
ii) Continue to pray with us that God will provide the necessary funds to enable us to carry out follow-up and discipleship program effectively.


Miracle Life Ministries would like to express their special thanks to God for Abundant Life International Ministries and HCCT for the great support which has enabled us to reach the lost. ALIM/HCCT provided the sound system, the platform and financial support for all our gospel crusade outreaches!

Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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