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The 81st and 82nd ALIM Pastors and leaders conference was held in Amuria town in Eastern region of Uganda and in Moroto town, Karamoja region. In Amuria, the conference was held at Amuria Life Line Assembly Church from 28th of November to the 1st of December 2018 and in Moroto from 3rd to 6th December 2018. The conference delegates’ attendance in Amuria was 500 and that of Moroto 400. .

Moroto Conference organizing committee and the ALIM team in a photo 

The teachers during the conferences handled fundamental topics such as “walking in the fear of the Lord and walking in integrity” These two topics acted as a foundation and other topics came thereafter. The teachings pointed to the main theme of the conference; Hosea 4:6—“My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.


The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and rural areas. Participants who live within the community commuted from their homes. In Amuria, the participants who resided were 300 and 207 in Moroto. The residents arrived a day earlier so as to settle down in preparation for an early conference start on the opening day. ALIM provided all the 3 major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to the conference participants through catering service providers procured by local pastors. .

    A couple being wedded in the sight of God during the ALIM conference in Moroto   



    The teachings were received with joy and gladness in both towns. Many participants made a public confession that the teachings in the conference were unique and more importantly Bible based. Joseph and Martin, the interpreters in Amuria in their feedback to the ALIM ministry team confirmed that the teachings were being received with joy. In response to the teaching on baptism of the Holy Spirit, over 300 delegates were baptized in the Holy Spirit in Amuria and over 200 in Moroto. During baptism, men and women spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. In his message “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”, pastor explained that speaking in tongues is a sign that a believer has been equipped to do everything that Jesus did. .  


The delegates are attentively listening to the teaching during the conference. Each delegate was encouraged to buy a notes booklet for further reference.




    In response to the message on marriage as God intended, 4 couples were wedded in the sight of God during the conference in Amuria and 1 couple in Moroto. The pastoral leadership in both towns were then encouraged to follow the same example by wedding people in simplicity as demonstrated during the conference. If this practice of wedding people in simplicity is fully embraced, it is likely to reduce the number of people in church living together without being wedded. In Moroto, half of the leaders in attendance confessed that they were living with a partner whom they have not wedded. During the ministry of the word, Pastor Ernest said that it is such practices among the believers that are weakening the effectiveness of the Church. The local leadership when they heard about the message on Marriage as God intended, contacted the Local radio to come to the conference venue and make a live broadcast of the events. The radio responded positively and the entire message was broadcasted live on radio. Pastor Samuel through his information technology knowledge broadcasted the message on u-tube and Facebook. The radio that covers a radius of 100km wide received great response from the public who requested that time should be given to ask questions. The pastors in the town have been encouraged to go back to the radio for a talk show and also to receive questions from the audience over the subject matter of “Marriage as God intended.” During the conference, 207 booklets containing the conference notes were bought by the participants at a subsidized cost of UGX. 3000.


Five couples were wedded in the sight of God in Amuria and Moroto during the ALIM conference.


During the conference in Amuria, many delegates who turned up for the conference and admitted that they do not have Bibles were challenged to have one. The local pastor’s leadership responded to the challenge in a very positive manner by contacting the local office of the Bible Society to bring bibles to the conference. In the last three days of the conference, 171 bibles had been sold.  



A couple receiving their marriage Certificate after being wedded in Moroto


Emmanuel Tusubira, one of the ALIM team since January 2018 conferences was totally convinced that God brought him into the team so as to have a solution for his marriage. Emmanuel had been in a relation for 8 years and he could not move it forward because he was waiting to get a job, raise money for bride price and wedding before he could move on.  But when he had the teaching on “Marriage as God intended” he made up his mind to go ahead with the arrangement to get wedded. His wedding took place on 24th November 2018. There was no bride price involved, they had only 120 guests at their wedding and  only two vehicles, one provided by ALIM and another by the parent of the bride.

The teaching on the sacrament of Holy Communion signified the importance of the church as one with a mission and purpose to bring glory to God. The cup signifies blood for the forgiveness of sins of all mankind and the bread represents the body of Jesus Christ; a symbol of health and wholeness for all believers. …. “By His stripes, we are healed”….Isaiah 53:4-5.

Consecration of the bread and the cup for communion during the conference in Moroto

During the conferences, a message was delivered on giving as an act of service. The delegates were encouraged to always have a program and budget for community service as a way of practical outreach and evengelism. A total of $475 was raised from the conference and  food stuffs were bought and taken to the local hospital and prison as a way of expressing Christ’s love for them.  


While in Uganda, Pastor Ernest ministered in St. Philip Anglican Cathedral in Moroto. During the sermon, the, Pastor encouraged the believers to live their lives loving God and others. He said that all believers are objects of God’s love and God expects all to love. When God’s love flows in a home, there is an overflow of the same to the church, and eventually to the world. Its when this happens that the church will see the impact that  is expected from it to the world. Pastor Ernest also ministered in Miracle life church in Mbale, where he received an open invitation from Pastor Apollo Massa to always be part of the church ministry whenever he is in Uganda.  


Pastor ministering to the mother and a child who had heart problems in Moroto


Thanks to the Almighty God for the grace and favor that he placed upon the ALIM team under the leadership of Pastor Ernest for the two weeks of ministry in Uganda during this season. ALIM registers gratitude to the planning and coordinating teams in Amuria and Moroto and pray for God’s blessings upon them all. 

Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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