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Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) under the leadership of Pastor Ernest Howie conducted their 66th and 67th leaders and Pastor’s conference in Kumi and Nakapiripirit districts from 23rd to 26th November and 28th to 1st of December respectively. The ALIM team of 5 included Pastor Ernest Howie (NI), John Faith, Pastor Samuel Sombi from Masaka, Godfrey Kalungi from Kampala and Pastor Henry Habyamukama from Kasese. The conferences carried out in these towns are intended to equip the church and the leaders in particular, with knowledge that will enable them be effective ministers of the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


The ALIM Team dressed in the Akaramonjonj wear pose in a photo with the Nakapiripirit conference organizing committee


ALIM in partnership with the pastors and elders fellowship in the Eastern town of Kumi held a Pastors and leaders conference. The conference in Kumi took place at Jesus Celebration Center-Kumi from the 23rd to 26th November with 200 Pastors and leaders in attendance. After many invitations from the Karamonja region, ALIM, harkened to the call and had their first conference in Nakapiripirit which is one of the 7 districts that makeup the Karamonja region. The Nakapiripirit conference was attended by 450 delegates out of whom 400 were accommodated during the conference. During the conference, the word was faithfully delivered by Pastor Ernest Howie and John Faith Magolo. The intended objective of these conferences was to re-focus the Pastors and leaders to the word of God and to the Biblical principles that underpin these teachings as the ultimate foundation of the church. Hence walking in the fear of the Lord, walking in integrity, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, potential, How be led of the Spirit, principles of Prayer, working and trusting, the power of Christianity, Community service, knowledge of the promises of God that are embedded in His Jehovah names, marriage as God intended and communion .


1.2 VENUEThe conference in Kumi was held at Jesus Celebration Center in Kumi town where all facilities were provided for under one setting. The services included a conference hall and accommodation. The organizers solicited for catering services from a nearby venue restaurant and the food was provided according to the registered conference participants. In Napiripirit, the conference was held at the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, Nakapiripirit church hall. The conference in Nakapiripirit conference presented a very unique challenge of having two categories of delegates, the Karimojongs and the Pokots who do not understand each otherís language. To sort out the challenge, the Karimojong group stayed in the Church hall and the Pokot group stayed in a tent and the sound was provided for them along with their own interpreter. At the end all worked out so well .

1.3 ACCOMMODATION The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and communities, and those who live nearby came from their homes. Four hundred delegates at the Nakapiripirit conference were accommodated at Nakapipirit Primary School. The meals were purchased according to the number of people who attended and the catering services were carried out at the conference venue. In Kumi, 130 delegates were accommodated within the vicinity of the conference venue. All the three main meals ie breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were provided to the participants .


Pastors and leaders attentively listening to the teachings during the Conference


The teachings generated a lot of interest from the participants and this was exhibited in their response to the word. As a result of the teachings, over 300 participants were baptized in the Holy Spirit during the conference in Nakapiripirit.  

4.2 Church and community
The teaching on Church and community challenged the participants to find a need in the community and meet it and in this way, they will be demonstrating the bible faith in more practical ways. In this way, the church will be relevant as it yields to people’s needs and looking out to encourage them. A healthy church serves the community through the week and a Sunday is a day of fellowship and celebration. The teaching was based on the parable of a Good Samaritan as narrated by Jesus in the gospels. The participants were challenged by the word and on the last day of the conference they went to the hospital and prisons within the communities.

4.3 Marriage as God Intended

After the teaching on marriage as God intended, one couple who formed part of the leadership of Jesus Celebration Center Ministries in Kumi responded to the marriage alter call to be wedded in the sight of God in Kumi. In Nakaps, 13 couples responded to the marriage alter call among whom was Pastor Martin the Chairman of the Nakaps Pastors Fellowship who also doubled as the conference chairman. The teaching expounded on the importance of Christian marriage and being wedded in the sight of God as this brings peace in the family. The teachers exposed the danger of living and practicing traditions that encourage marriages to be carried out and lived contrary to the word of God. Elaborate and expensive weddings, and the demand for bride price were among the traditions that were identified among others which makes people live together who are not married in Godís sight


Pastor Martin the Chairman Nakapiripirit Pastors Fellowship makes marriage vows to his wife as they sanctified their marriage


4.4 Holy Communion
Communion, the fourth pillar of the early church (Acts 2:42) besides prayer, the word and fellowship was taught and carried out. This sacrament signified the importance of the church as one with a single mission and purpose to bring glory to God in remembrance of what it took Jesus to take away the sin nature of man in exchange for his divine nature. 

Communion was such a great moment as God honored the conference with His presence

Thanks to the Almighty God who enabled the ALIM team to be true to the calling to equip the church with the truth of the Word of God. All gratitude is ascribed to the Almighty God for enabling Pastor Ernest Howie, John Faith, Pastor Samuel, Godfrey, Pastor Henry and organizing teams on the ground in Kumi and Nakapiripirit for making the conferences a success.

Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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