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Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) under the leadership of Pastor Ernest Howie accompanied by Pastor Mike Smith from New Life Church of Stow market/Suffolk England held conferences in Bugiri on 4th – 7th and 9th -12th in Busia. The conference theme was derived from Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge. The servants of the Most High God taught the word to the congregations as part of their contribution in getting rid of the church’s ignorance to the word of God that is prevalent in the current generation. Acts 19: 20 (KJV) “So mighty grew that word of God that it prevailed.” ALIM believes that God’s word is an over-coming word. Pastor Ernest in his very words confesses that “When we get to know more of God’s word and His power we overcome, whatever is thrown at us. Because we know that God’s word will prevail, it will overcome”.

Busia conference organizing team together with Pastor Ernest Howie and Mike Smith.

The conferences were organized and coordinated by Pastor Betty Katabalwa for Bugiri and Pastor Egesa Martin, for Busia. The intended objective of these conferences was to refocus the Pastors and leaders in these districts to the word of           God and to the Biblical principles that underpin these teachings as the ultimate foundation of the church. The conferences attendance was 450 participants for Bugiri and 300 delegates for Busia. 

1.00 VENUE

The conference in Bugiri was held at Muguwa Hall and the Town Community Hall in Busia. The choice of the venue according to the organizers was because of their neutrality since no individual church could claim personal responsibility or ownership of the conference since it was jointly planned and implemented. The conferences started at 9.00am and ended at 5.00pm with a lunch break at 1.00pm.


The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and communities, and those who live nearby commuted.  Two hundred delegates were residents in Bugiri and 150 in Busia. Those with some form of transport also opted to be non residents. Meals were provided for all the participants. The conference officials hired the catering services that prepared the meals and served them. The meals arrangement was simple and well managed and time keeping was a plus in both towns.



Pastor Mike delivering a teaching on Communion

The effectiveness of the teachings was measured by the level of the commitment that the participants exhibited by attending sessions all through the 4 days of each conference. All messages were recorded and a CD of all the teachings was presented to each delegate at the close of the conference. The pastors and leaders who attended the conference testified of how much they were blessed and made a commitment to carry on the fire.

ALIM has a niche teaching on marriage as God intended.  In this teaching, the teachers of the word observes that many marriages in the country are hanging on traditions that promote many young people to live together in sin without being wedded in the sight of God. This is due to expensive weddings and introduction ceremonies, payment of dowry, among others. The word of God that was quoted for this topic is Mark 7: 13 “Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition” Traditions of men in this regard tend to complicate what God has made simple.  At the end of the message 8 couples responded to the marriage alter call and their marriages were sanctified in the sight of God.   

Pastor Ernest handing over a certificate to one of the eight couples that were wedded


In the course of the conference, the Pastors in the two towns carried out community work where they gave foodstuff to the elderly persons in the community, supplies in hospitals and prisons. In the processes of this community work, 56 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. One of the most significant testimonies of this community work was a patient who gave his life to Jesus Christ in full knowledge and conscious and died few hours after the team had left.  The attendant brought this information to the conference after her patient died and she expressed her gratitude to God for sending his servants with the word that saved her patient from hell fire.     

Pastors handing over a TV set to the prison in Bugiri. This & other basics were donated by ALIM 


By the leading of the Holy Spirit, the teachers taught about Communion as one of the pillars of the early church. This was done in remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection and it was a command to the church to do this as often as possible until Jesus’ return. In the interaction with the pastors, some of them confessed that they have never carried out this sacrament in their churches. However after the teaching the communion together, the pastors resolved to do this as often as possible as commanded in the word of God.

Pastors handing over a TV set to the prison in Busia.          This & other basics were donated by ALIM 

This elderly person a guardian of 6 grand children orphaned by AIDS receives a food pack donated by ALIM


Sincere thanks to the Almighty God for his grace and abilities he has placed in the ALIM team that enabled them to carry out this noble task in the two towns.  With much gratitude to God  I graciously thank Pastor Ernest Howie for the financial support that facilitated these conferences as well as his availability to be used of God to deliver the much needed teachings to the church in the towns of Bugiri and Busia. We thank Pastor Mike for his availability to be used of God. We appreciate the efforts of Pastor Samuel Sombi and John Faith for coordinating the arrangements and implementation of the conferences in liaison with the team of Pastors on ground.  The prayer team led by Pastor Apollo is highly appreciated for the role they played in the success of the two events. I commend you all to the grace of God, His mercy and favour and that He will reward you immeasurably.  

Blessings to all

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