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Bugiri 2013

Abundant Life International Ministries being moved by compassion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit held a Miracle Rally in Iganga on 30th and 31st of August and a Life Changing and Healing Crusade and Leaders ‘conference in Eastern Uganda town of Bugiri from 4th to 7th of September 2013. The crusade team composed of Pastor Ernest Howie, Mike Smith, Eddie and Adrian. The team from the UK was joined by a local team of members affiliated to ALIM and students from Uganda Christian University for this crusade. This combined team joined hands in faith with the Pastors Fellowship of Bugiri District to carry out this noble Cause of ministering the love of Jesus Christ to the hurting world. During this time of ministry, the team got involved in prison, Hospital and street ministry. Pastor Ernest and Mike ministered to Pastors and Church leaders during the crusade, Rally and Conference. A total Number of 1350 souls were saved during the crusade week.


The rally was organized in obedience to God’s call upon Pastor Ernest to Minister in Healing and deliverance in the church of Christ. Since its inception in September 2012, Miracle Rallies have proved a very powerful conduit through which the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ flows through the believers in these meetings hence bringing deliverance among them from all kinds of bondage and oppression.  A total of 400 people were in attendance during the 2 days rally.   

On the first day of the rally, Pastor Mike Smith was attacked with sickness by the enemy, and we praise God that Brother John Faith Magolo stepped into the gap with no prior notice, and The Lord filled his mouth with a powerful word of encouragement and conviction.


“Jesus March” Through the town of Bugiri to demonstrate the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the Land

The crusade started with a “Jesus march” through the town under the guidance of a brass band and the Traffic Police. The purpose of the March through the town was to celebrate the goodness of God to His people but also to proclaim and declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the land.
On the first day of the crusade, the team dedicated themselves to the Lord through prayer and fasting as a sign of surrender. The team moved around the crusade ground in faith praying and dedicating the land and the people who live therein to the God of heaven. Doing all this was a sign of surrender to God. As a result, God honored the ministry team with his presence, knitted them together for ministry. During the crusade a tent was erected and designated for prayer. In this tent, many sick people and those that had different prayer needs came and the team laid their hands on them and prayed with them. Counseling sessions were also carried out by the team to various individuals and in the process, many were delivered from all forms of oppression and others received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.


Pastor Ernest preaching the living word of Jesus Christ during the crusade


Moments of Praise and worship on the crusade brought about the manifestation of God, s presence on the ground and brought joy to the people. The interchurch mass choir was the major channel of praise during the crusade. Besides this, a number of choirs contributed and the power of the Lord moved greatly among the crowds and many were set free from the bondage of sin by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. 


The team was also involved in street evangelism.  The street preaching sessions were strategically organized in conjunction with the local pastors at locations where churches existed. Decision cards were filled and given to the pastors for follow-up

Adrian from New Life Church in Suffolk-England preaching on the Streets of Bugiri



The conference for Pastors and leaders started on 4th to 6th and was conducted in the morning hours (9.00am-1.00pm). The themes taught highlighted the Fear of the Lord and integrity among church leaders as a foundation for revival. Pastor Ernest and Mike emphasized prayer, prophesy and awareness of the power of Christianity by believers as key to victorious Christian living.  Many leaders were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time. At the end of the conference, many testified that their prayer lives and fellowship with the Lord Has greatly improved.    

The sick that were also elderly received a blanket from the ALIM Ministry team to keep them warm 


  1. Prison

On the 7th of September, the team went to the prison for Ministry. In the prison, the team was welcomed by the Officer in Charge (OC) who introduced the team to the inmates. The prison had a population of 104 inmates. The message was preached and 38 out of the 89 inmates present gave their lives to Jesus. The rest had gone to community work. The team identified with the physical needs of the inmates by providing soap, Sugar and other essentials as a demonstration of the Love of God for them in spite of the fact that they are in difficult living conditions mired with scarcity, ill health and torture, both Psychological and occasionally physical. The OC was grateful for the gesture of love that was demonstrated by the team and thanked the local pastors for including the prison in their plans.

Pastor Mike Smith presenting gifts of Blankets, foodstuffs, Soap and Sanitary pads to the Prisoners in Bugiri


  1. Hospital

The ministering team visited Bugiri main hospital and prayed with the sick people and presented to each one of them a gift of soap, sugar, milk and sweaters for infants as a token of their love in Christ Jesus.


The sick and their attendants making a confession prayer accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of their Lives


  1. Ministry to children and the Elderly

As a way to make a contribution to the reduction and prevalence of malaria, ALIM donated mosquito nets and food packs to the elderly, children and expectant mothers. The gesture was highly welcomed by the beneficiaries who commended ALIM for showing such great concern and love for the people of Uganda.


The ministry to the elderly was cemented by proving Mosquito Nets for Malaria prevention


  On the last day of the crusade, Pastor Ernest and the team had fellowship with all those who accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives during the week of ministry. In the meeting, Pastor Ernest encouraged the new born again Christians to be strong in the Lord and not to turn back. He assured them using the word of God that they have now got new fatherhood in the spirit. He assured them that they are now children of God; they are cleansed by the blood of Jesus, accepted and their sin nature taken way by the strips of Jesus. He prayed with them and many received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  In the same meeting, a gift of a t-shirt with a scripture on the back and a logo of ALIM in front were presented to each of the new believers. The Pastors Fellowship in Bugiri town made arrangement for the Water Baptism of the new believers on the following day the 8th of September and 88 of them who turned up confirmed their faith through this sacrament.    


Pastor Ernest in the company of the new Converts



On the last day of the crusade, the rains came down with a storm and swept away the tents, the platform shed and anything that the winds were able to carry. This did not stop the preaching of the word. The rains stopped a few minutes before the darkness covered the earth and in the shortest space of time, the sound was tested, working, and 68 souls were saved. 


30 minutes after the above flooded ground, the sound was in perfect condition and 68 souls were saved.



Many thanks go to the organizing committees both in Iganga for the Miracle Rally and Bugiri for crusade and Conference whose availability and hard work led to the success of these events. We extend our gratitude to Pastor Ernest, the leader of Abundant Life Ministries International for all the material and financial support towards these arrangements and more so for availing himself to be used of God in such a mighty way.    I acknowledge the efforts of Pastor Samuel Sombi, for working closely with the Pastors in the two towns to ensure that all was in order according to ALIM policy and standards. The efforts of Pastor Apollo, the Sound team, Godfrey Kalungi, the students from Uganda Christian University and the entire Bugiri pastoral and Christian community are highly recognized.

Be richly blessed    


All Notes & References Compiled by John Faith Magolo




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