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In a country where the Gospel has been faithfully preached and God’s Word has reached the furthest of villages, it is essential that the Ugandan Church root itself in deep Biblical teaching and truth as it matures and grows. Many have said that, "the church in Uganda/Africa is a mile wide and an inch deep", and so for such a time as this, ALIM (Abundant Life International Ministries) finds itself to be a critical ministry involved in the nurturing of indigenous Ugandan leadership to ensure the Church prevails in the years to come. Since 2008, ALIM holds 6 leaders and Pastors’ conferences in different towns. This is done to help church leaders (men and women) and other church members to be aware of the current challenges, and how to address these challenges with reference to Bible principles.  The world undergoes all kinds of crisis: finances, family, ministry, business, education, health, etc. and these crises are equally felt in the church. Living in such a context has been a challenge for any pastor and church leader. ALIM in total trust in God is committed to empower leaders to overcome their own crisis and in turn help God’s people overcome theirs.


In the month of December 2011, the ALIM team lead by Pastor Ernest Howie (NI) accompanied by Pastor Mike Smith from New Life Church of Stow market/Suffolk England  held conferences in Nebbi on 1st- 3rd, and 5th -7th  in Arua.

The conferences were both coordinated by Pastor Norman Acidribo, a senior Pastor of Arua Full Gospel Church who also doubles as a mission and Evangelism coordinator for West Nile Region. The expected outcomes of these conferences was to help participants after the event to return home with confidence that God has showed them the restoration paths (for them as individuals, their finances, family, ministry, business, education, health, among others), that they would explore and follow in their daily life, and encourage in their congregations.

Abundant Life International Ministries provided food for all the delegates, and accommodation for those who had to travel distances which made it impossible to return home each day.

Teaching notes were prepared by Pastor Mike and Pastor Ernest, for distribution to all delegates.  This was greatly appreciated.


We had an attendance of over 350 delegates and each day was truly exciting, with great responses from the participants. Over 200 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, empowering them to walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

Pastor Mike taught on the gift of Prophecy from Rev 19v10, encouraging the delegates to exercise this gift.

The principal subjects covered in the teaching were, Walking in the fear of the Lord”, Integrity, developing our gifts, marriage as God intended, prayer that brings the breakthrough, walking in Signs and Wonders and walking in the power of The Spirit.


An even larger number of delegates attended this conference, and there was great excitement in the hall.  Again almost 300 of the people came forward to receive the Holy Spirit Baptism.  After a message on “Signs and Wonders shall follow believers”, those attending were encouraged to lay hands on and pray for those present who needed healing and deliverance.

All present were encouraged to put the Word into action.   One lady testified afterwards that when she went home, she decided to do as she had been encouraged to do.  She went to a neighbour’s house, and shared the good news.  The result was that she led 4 people to Jesus.  Hallelujah.

The general response of the leaders in both towns was that they needed more of such teaching as they had received, and encouraged ALIM to return soon to continue the work which had been started.  Pastor Ernest, on behalf of the organisation, gave an assurance that serious prayerful consideration would be given to this request.

Many leaders declared that they had never experienced such effective teaching before and were greatly blessed.  They committed themselves to carrying the fire into the community.  Formal invitations were received to conduct similar conferences in Congo, Sudan, and  Pader  and Paidah  in Uganda.

Another benefit of the conference from a local perspective, was the unity which was created between the local churches. This is a great blessing to ALIM.


ALIM  would like to extend our sincere thanks to Almighty God for His grace and the abilities he has placed in us that enabled ALIM to carry out this mission in Nebbi and Arua.  We hereby graciously thank Pastor Ernest Howie; and his congregation for the financial support that facilitated these conferences as well as his availability to be used of God to deliver the much needed teachings to the church of Christ in Uganda. We thank Pastor Mike for his availability to be used of God in these last days. We appreciate the efforts of the team on ground led by Pastor Norman Acidribo, without whom ALIM could have not done exploits in the region. To all of you who prayed and played a role, yet our limited eyes cannot see you, we commend you to the one who is all seeing that He will reward you immeasurably. 

The thanks of ALIM go to John Faith and Samuel Sombi, who represent us on the ground in Africa, and work hard to ensure that everything works smoothly to the Glory of God

God Bless you all







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