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The 76th and 77th ALIM Pastors and leaders conference was held in Mutukula and Sembabule districts of Southern Uganda at the border with Tanzania and the latter in central Uganda. In Mutukula, the conference was held at Prayer Palace Pentecostal church hall from 7th to 10th March 2018 and the one in Sembabule from 12thto 15th March 2018. The conference attendance in Mutukula was 500 and that of Sembabule was 650.

Sembabule conference organizing committee and the ALIM team in a photo 

The ALIM team composed of Pastor Ernest Howie, the team leader and teacher, John Faith, a co-teacher, Samuel Sombi the Missions/conferences Coordinator, Godfrey Kalungi the Praise and worship leader, Joseph, the keyboard player and Emmanuel in charge of order management during the conferences.

The conferences were opened with the fundamental topics such as “the fear of the Lord and Integrity” which are believed to be a true foundation for the church. The teachings pointed to the main theme of the conference; Hosea 4:6—“My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge”; Mal.2:7—“For the lips of a Priest should keep knowledge, and People should seek the law from his mouth; for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts”; Ps. 25:4-5—“Show Me your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths, lead me in your truth and teach me”; Ps. 43:3—Oh send out your light and your Truth! Let them lead me: let them bring me to your holy hill and to your tabernacle.



The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and rural areas. Those who live nearby were non-residents. The resident participants in Mutukula were 130 and 350 in Sembabule. The residents arrived a day prior to the conference so as to settle down in preparation for an early conference start the following day. ALIM provided all the 3 major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to the conference participants through catering services procured by local pastors.


The teachings generated a lot of interest from the participants and this was exhibited in their response to the word. Raising their hands in the air is a sign of surrender to the Lordship of Jesus .


    In Mutukula, being a border town, 130 delegates came from Tanzania. And because they were not conversant with the local language, a tent had to set outside the main hall and it was supplied with a loud speaker and a Swahili interpreter. It was observed that none of them moved away during the session as they paid attention to every teaching that was delivered. The Tanzanian team leader later on extended an invitation to ALIM to hold a similar conference in Tanzania. 




Delegates from Tanzania in the overflow tent during the conference in mutukula



do their best in unfolding the vision and mission of MFH by being a testimony to the Muslim community where MFH is located and to the rest of the district and In response to marriage as God intended message, twenty couples were wedded in the sight of God during the two conferences, seven in Mutukula and thirteen in Sembabule. In sembabule, one woman after listening to the message about marriage, invited her husband who was at work to come and they wed. In response, the husband came as he was in painting overall and when he reached church, one of the pastors put on his overall in exchange for his clothes. The experience was hilarious!  The twenty couples were presented with certificates on the following day after the wedding. The pastoral leadership in both towns agreed to follow the same example by wedding people in simplicity as demonstrated during the conference.



Twenty couples were wedded in the sight of God during the conference in Mutukula and Sembabule.


This man exchanged his painting overall with a pastors clothes at the conference before he was wedded



During the conference, in Sembabule, the lady who was blind and had been brought to the conference by her sisters received her sight back. She testified of healing power that descended on her and she was thrown down by the power of the Holy Spirit and when she stood back on her feet, she was seeing crowds surrounding her. The excitement of her recovery steadily permeated through the crowds as they sang praises to God for the great things he has done.  Many others testified that they had received their healing during the conference. Those who testified pointed out illnesses such as headaches, fevers, malaria and back pain.


This woman was blind but she received her sight during the conference! Praise the Lord


Holy Communion
The teaching on the sacrament of Holy Communion signified the importance of the church as one with a mission and purpose to bring glory to God. The cup signifies blood for the forgiveness of sins of all mankind and the bread represents the body of Jesus Christ; a symbol of health and wholeness for all believers. …. “By His stripes, we are healed”….Isaiah 53:4-5.
After the communion, the pastors and leaders were commissioned to go and serve the Lord with zeal, Knowledge and understanding, furthering the sacrament of communion till Jesus’s return.



Conference participants taking communion during the conference in Sembabule


Thanks to the Almighty God who enabled the ALIM team to be true to the calling to equip the church with the truth of the Word of God. All gratitude is ascribed to the Almighty God for enabling Pastor Ernest Howie and the ALIM team to make the conference a success along with the coordinating teams in Mutukula and Sembabule

Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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